Group Introduction

Changzhou No.2 Experimental Primary School Education Group was established in 2011, consisting of the core school of Changzhou No.2 Experimental Primary School and the member schools of Changzhou Cuizhu Xincun Primary School, Changzhou Ziyun Primary School and Xinbei Xiangbinghu Primary School. It has 70 classes with 3233 students. Among the 186 teaching staff members, there are 1 provincial special grade teacher, 2 candidates of municipal special grade teacher, 81 teachers having the title of municipal academic leader, core teacher, educational experts, outstanding young teacher or district academic leader and 2 famous teachers’ studio leaders of Changzhou City. More than 150 teachers won first and second prizes in the classroom teaching competitions provincially and nationally.

Small Class, Grand Stage more
Small company, Big Society more
Small Inventions, Big Wisdom more
Little student,Heavy influences more